The COA - Chairperson (photo below) of the Commission on Audit's Report on the 10-Billion non-government organization fund scam is dismissed by House of Representatives Speaker as indefensible in Court since it was signed only by a Task Force and not by the COA Commissioners themselves.

Photo Credit: Pastor Eryche Cortez

The Honorable Ma. Grace Pulido Tan, Chairperson, Commission on Audit, was extremely moved and broke into tears and called the content of her Report over national media the vernacular equivalent of "horrifying," "monstrous," "diabolic," or "hideous" (kahindik-hindik). For reasons unknown, print media downgrades Hon. Grace Tan's description (kahindik-hindik) into the subtler synonym of "disgusting." ABC Channel 5 Radio anchors, the Tulfo brothers give more ooze and juice when mentioning Hon. Grace Tan's ghoulish remark.

Hon. Grace Tan knows whereof she speaks. Her namesake, the famous accountant R. Pulido, possibly a very close relative, was an imposing figure in the Commission on Audit for many decades and spread his influences and powers generously, that in the period of the late 90s a lot of young persons claimed they were begat by the erstwhile young, charming female persons who became beneficiaries of his COAish auditorial visiting powers. The namesake was not as opulent as Napoles of late, but managed pretty well.

Meanwhile, hovering in the air is the filing of applicable charges vs. 20 persons to include former the former President, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo - GMA, as well as Madam Janet Lim Napoles aka Jenny. At the same time, truly hideous as the Hon. Grace Tan's corruption Report revelations is the dole out of hundreds of millions of dollars (over fifty billion Philippine Pesos) by His Excellency Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III to the Honorable Members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Philippines. This is in payment of the support for His Excellency, The President, of his firm advocacy of the impeachment of the head of the Philippine Supreme Court, The Honorable Chief Justice Renato C. Corona as well as The Honorable Justice Merceditas Guitierrez, head of the government watchdog agency, The Office of the Ombudsman.

Former Members of the House of Representatives who are intimately identified with His Excellency, The President were also disclosed to be involved in huge money-making schemes that will expose the Philippine Government to the tune of several hundred to billions of dollars (Rail project, Batangas break-water project, tens of other big ticket public sector contracts - both funded or to be financed by loans and private investments under the Build-Operate-Transfer, Build-Operate-Lease and several other similar scheme.)

The biggest surprise for this and the following week is the identification of the actual and real faces behind the Napoles fund scam. Going all out for the filing of cases, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice, among other agencies, will be stumped when new information comes to light about the true nature of the campaign to popularize the issue about Napoles' scam, notwithstanding the great breadth and horrendously humongous size of the scam perpetrated by others like Messrs. Zaldy Co and his fellows in ABAKADA Party List and non-profit as well as business corporations and involving huge property ownerships such as the Misibis Bay, Midas Hotel, among others.

Author Ms. Raissa Robles speaks of her strong early perception of the linkage between Napoles and the former Lady President, GMA as well as former presidential spouse, ex-First Gentleman Miguel T. Arroyo. The public deserves to know these things and deserve to be told not just the basic facts but the rationale behind why certain persons treat 70 billion Philippine Pesos as simple spending money, without any scruples as to why these funds are being thrown about like gift candy to greedy demons in superbly tailored jusi, pina and classy bespoke suits.

In the next few days, so much more information will be revealed, most specially in the same volume as the kilometric legal depositions and narratives, legal research about the Napoles multi-level networking scam, necromancy and rabid brown-nosing in the corridors of power. The public will have their share of the reality behind these scams and how it becomes apparent as Hon. Grace P. Tan declared, that indeed there is such a thing as The Extremely Hideous (kahindik-hindik) Face of Corruption.


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