Philippines: Every average businessman in this country has to go through the eye of a needle to be accommodated by the banks. Businessman Mr. G. Go, actively engaged in small scale financial services for both big and small entrepreneurs says:
"There is an exception. You can always borrow big amounts from banks but you have to have pedigree. If you don't have pedigree forget about borrowing big even from the biggest banks. They won't even look at your loan application. How stupid is that?" 
That about translates to this: Bankers look at clients as dogs, cats and cows. Those with pedigree are instantly good clients. and must be given service de luxe and with haste. Those without are immediately considered bad clients and cannot be serviced for big transactions ever. Click here for the rest of this article.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Gallery of favored bank clientele:

Philippine Billionaires
Drugs Money, Jueteng Money from Yolanda Ricafort, Atong Ang,
Charing Magbuhos, and some from drug lords shown below

Drug Lord Li Lan Yan aka Jackson Dy
Drug Lord Li Tan Hua, son of a Chinese General


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