Original date of post August 10, 2010 under Asian Forum Journal

The time of the Small Men has arrived. The Great Men are in retreat and the Small Men have advanced and taken the Kingdom. They wield the power and placed the Great Men and their following on their knees. I have written about the Great Men and Small Men in the past.

Like vultures and parasites, the Small Men will feed upon the body politic, bleed the Kingdom (government) dry.

This is the time for Scavengers, Foragers, Thieves, Looters and Humiliators, Castigators, Vengadores, Executioners, Murderers, Throne Grabbers. It is the time of the Mad and ill-intentioned people working for the Nobles and Lords will turn against their Masters.

Take the case of the Philippine Air Lines, just last month, 25 pilots of the airline resigned! The pilots left nary a clue as to what they were about to do. The mass exodus of the most important manpower segment of an airline caused serious flight cancellations and passenger backlogs.

This was nothing to their employees' union that even rejoiced over the hardships their employer, the Philippine Air Lines had to go through. The tremendous amount of money spent by precision companies like airlines, have been thrown down the drain by the pilots. PAL spends millions of pesos for the training and mastery of just one single pilot.

Surely, the airlines will post heavy losses over this action of its own people. But that is a bitter pill that the airline has to swallow on its own. Something as painful as that cannot be borne by devious Small Men.

True to form, the reign of the Small Men will wreak havoc in the Kingdom. With them traipsing around the Realm, everything will go haywire. When there are Troubles, expect the governance of the Small Men to become doubly strong, albeit unwieldy but forceful and strong!

We can expect more Troubles for companies already having disputes with Small Men under their payroll. Certainly, PAL will get more blows, backstabbing, batting and suffer embarrassment from the Small Men.

What it can do is to prepare for the worst, because the Small Men have their backing in the highest places. Whether PAL likes it or not, the Season of the Small Men now overshadows the Great Man and his Loyal Nobles and subjects.

This will ultimately mean, that if PAL is not braced to accept the hits and double whammies it will be getting from the Small Men, it will surely be shocked by what is about to happen.

Right now the entire country is in a state of shock and stupefaction. When this will wear off, will be the Time that the Small Men are prepared to make their get-away, bringing to their secret hideouts all the Loot and Valuables their Thievery and Criminal acts have produced.
Then the world turns full circle and the Great Men will reign again for their appointed tenure in the great Scheme of Things.


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