A VIP Room female manager of a hotel in Pasay City, Miss Edgel Durolfo, recently died of drugs overdose.

edgel durolfoMs Edgel Durolfo

Findings from the Hotel Medical Clinic where the hotel executive was rushed to before being brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City was that the lady manager, inside her complimentary suite as manager, had a drug session together with at least three other staff of the same hotel beginning on the late hours of Thursday. The lady manager had earlier asked a friend of a friend to purchase at 1,500 pesos each, five pieces of the drug - Ecstasy - a heroin based drug.

When the lady manager developed reactions to the drug she was taking, her companions during the drug session and later an intimate friend accompanied by a family member, brought her to the hotel infirmary/clinic.

At the same hotel clinic, no available remedy could be found for the lady manager suffering from extreme reactions to the Ecstasy drug.

The clinic staff requested her concerned co-workers and the intimate friend to immediately transport her to the nearest, more well-equipped medical facility. The female hotel executive was promptly brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital and all her relatives were instantly informed.  The relatives of the lady manager soon arrived at the same hospital together with the members of the family of the manager's initmate friend. Due to the fatal effect of the drug upon the hotel manager who is known to be suffering from attacks of shortness of breathing and a serious liver ailment, she passed away on the afternoon of Friday February 26, 2016.

Ms. Edgel Durolfo held a lucrative post at her hotel, earning a compensation of no less than 120,000 pesos a month for her talents and expertise. She is the reported bread winner of her family. She is survived by her father who works as a carpenter and her mother who sells wet market goods like chicken, among others and her small male child, Shaunny as well as possibly some siblings if any.  Ms. Durolfo has hundreds of friends, many are ever present and very well versed in social media.

Uninformed sources mistakenly attribute Miss Durolfo's death to sadistic beating supposedly by her intimate friend, a certain Rodney Ynchausti who was at home all the while that she was inducing drugs into her system when she started suffering from severe reactions to the Ecstasy drug and whatever combinations she made with the prohibited substance.

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Her co-workers that brought Ms. Durolfo to the clinic were instantly fired by the hotel management where they are employed at.

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