Compromising operational success with cheap gadgets
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You will never be able to understand a government that must wake up to sudden threat when it is fully conscious of its environment, its own capacity and where its money is actually going to.
In the S211 fiasco, Malacanang Directors and other key appointive officials during the time of Madam Cory Aquino, flew in haste to HongKong to do shopping, eat at flashy restaurants, live in posh hotels, transact huge commissions at the HK banks received from the supplier of the S211 killer jet for trainer purposes. Trailing behind the Malacanang Directors-key appointive officials were similarly corrupt AFP and DND underlings.

Too many promising officers died piloting that cursed air craft and the company that made S211s was said to have been forced to close down and rename its business because of so many dying officers manning their coffins in the air.

When government troops in the time of GMA on July 2007 were ambushed in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan, their M203 would fire the rocket grenades indeed, but the grenades would not explode. At least 14 out of 23 troopers were massacred in the same way the SAF were massacred in Mamasapano.

The MILF that figured in the massacre mutilated, beheaded the Philippine Marines that were killed and nearly all their uniforms vandalized. Madam King Deles says that since 2003, the MILF has rejected terrorism, but this she will say must have been just an exception.

Mohaqer Iqbal kept telling everyone it was an encounter. But if it was an encounter, why was MILF encountering a legitimate government unit on a legitimate mission to recover Italian priest Rev. Fr. Giancarlo Bossi of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME).

Mohaqer Iqbal kept telling everyone it was an encounter. But if it was an encounter, why was MILF encountering a legitimate government unit on a legitimate mission to recover Italian priest Rev. Fr. Giancarlo Bossi of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME).

Rev. Fr. Giancarlo Bossi was kidnapped in Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay province - closer to the Cotabato and Maguindanao lair of the MILF. Allegedly his captors were renegade MILF members that were in league with Abu Sayyaf. The location of the Italian father was determined to be somewhere in Zamboanga Sibugay or else in Basilan for which reason the government troops tried to pursue leads up to Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. MILF killed the troopers and took off the heads of at least 11 of the 14 dead. And all because of defective firearms, non functional ammunition.

In May 7, 2009, with a force of 200 or more, PNP field units accompanied by the SAF, without armor, were ambushed at Maimbung, Sulu Province by Abu Sayyaf and MNLF combined forces, just because the PNP regular radios were obsolete and the SAF Satellite Radios from Rhodes and Schwarze were not functional and have never been functional in Maimbung for one reason or another that only experts will find out - until they too are kidnapped or worse killed by Abu Sayyaf and MNLF in the area.

All the three incidents are repeated hundreds or thousands of times in the Philippines because the reported percentage error of defective ammunition delivered to the government by suppliers is one of the highest in the whole world. The worst and most glaring replica is the Mamasapano Massacre.

During the Mamasapano Massacre, noone mentions the use of any decent command and control, intelligence for the operations. What is apparent is that from the Armed Forces to the Police, only SMS text messages were being used as main hub of contact and communications were not even being done in an honest way as well as with enough integrity.

Too much clandestine parameters clouded the entire operation that it is clear the government sent the SAF commandos straight to their deaths for the price of a few million dollars when civilian officials and a few uniformed officers are already stealing much of the more than PHP 150 Billion fund for military and police operations.

Both the Armed Forces and the Philippine Police have a combined money available to them of way more than Philippine Pesos (PHP) One Hundred Fifty Billion. No less than Philippine Pesos Seventy Billion is given every year to the Police almost without change within a budget that kept ballooning and ballooning to now nearly PHP Three Trillions from a low of PHP Nine Hundred Billion just a few years ago. At least PHP One Hundred Billion is given to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Because of intense corruption starting from the Malacanang Palace itself, as evidenced by the S211 killer snafu, all these budgets are lost along the way and cheap devices, cheap ammunition, cheap firearms, cheap food, cheap textiles and everything else cheap, is given to the Police and Armed Forces.

To say therefore that retraining in artillery is being done and is needed is the understatement of the millennium. Everything is wrong with government and the top officials keep stealing the money intended for the poor soldiers and police who toil in risky situations to keep the country safe.

Something has to give and the civilian government must be made to pay for the deaths of all the soldiers and policemen who have been unjustly killed - massacred, and their torsos mutilated, their heads taken off, their bodies divested of any decent covering by animals who are now supposed to be talking peace with the government under a so-called political process that the protagonists call as part of a great historical process.

The only continuing thread in the historical process that seems to be really working is the thievery and murderous acts of civilian government that has been keeping both the uniformed troopers and the innocent civilians at risk and unjustly pushed to their demise.

If thousands and thousands keep dying, the corrupt government will just give away crumbs to the dead soldier and policeman's family and as many cheap scholarships.

But the thieving of billions, trillions of pesos equivalent to billions of United States Dollars keeps going on without relent unless those thieving hands will be chopped off and the thieving official is thrown to Pasig River or to the rivers in Mindanao and Palawan where crocodiles can make use of them for cheap breakfast, lunch and supper.

This is a situation that requires a really intense solution and that solution needs to be applied as soon as humanly possible with the help of God.

AFP forbids soldiers from using cell phones in sensitive missionsPhilippine Star – 17 hours ago 
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has barred its officers and personnel from carrying their mobile phones at security briefings and high-level security conferences. 
A senior military official said this is to prevent possible enemy tracking activities and eavesdropping.
This security countermeasure, however, is only being imposed on a case-to-case basis, the official said, pointing out the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) policemen who were killed by Muslim rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Jan. 25 were stripped of their weapons and belongings, including cellphones. 
The official explained ground troops normally use their own communication equipment in all major operations. 
“We don’t use cellphones. We use our own communication during operations,” Armed Forces chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang earlier told the Senate inquiry in justifying the absence of fire support for the beleaguered SAF policemen in Mamasapano. 
Catapang said there was no direct line of communication between the SAF commandos and the reinforcing Army troops. 
Relieved SAF commander Director Getulio Napeñas has been saying before the congressional inquiry that he had relayed his appeal for artillery support to their counterparts at the Army’s 6th Infantry Division in the morning of Jan. 25. 
The request was coursed by SAF officers through their mobile phones and later during a conference held at the headquarters of 1st Mechanized Brigade based in the nearby town of Shariff Aguak. 
The fire support, in the form of white phosphorous delivered thrice by howitzers, came only late in the afternoon that same day, at a time when all the SAF commandos had been pinned down and overwhelmed, and subsequently killed by Muslim rebels. 
In Mamasapano, most of the SAF commandos involved in the operations were allowed to bring their mobile phones to serve as communication backup. 
These mobile phones ended up in the hands of rebels, some of whom even sent text messages to the relatives of the fallen policemen that their loved ones are dead. 
“All mobile phones used in the operations that resulted in the neutralization of Jemaah Ismaliyah bomb and demolition expert Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, were in silent mode during the operations so as not to compromise police movements in the area,” a senior security official said. 
At the height of the fighting, the SAF commandos used their mobile phones to communicate with their ground commanders, the official said. 
The incident also prompted the Army to retrain its artillery support personnel. 
Artillery fire training held
Maj. Rosa Manuel, spokesperson for the Army’s Artillery Regiment, said the month-long training for the Marines’ Fire Direction Center (FDC) is being held in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija. 
“The training was aimed at reviewing and equipping the designated members of the FDC in order for them to deliver the needed artillery fire support timely and accurately,” Manuel said.
Maj. Roy Nuez, commandant of the Artillery Training School, said 10 personnel from Field Artillery Battalions and six Marines assigned in Sultan Kudarat would undergo training. 
Six operatives of the Joint Special Operations Group were killed by friendly fire after a 105-mm howitzer round landed in their forward command post in Patikul on June 19, 2014. 
The incident happened during heavy fighting between the Marine Force Recon and the Abu Sayyaf. 
Brig. Gen. Martin Pinto, chief of the 2nd Marine Brigade, was relieved from his post after the incident. 
The training is also being held amid questions on the supposed failure of the military to provide fire support to SAF commandoes who figured in the Mamasapano clash last Jan. 25. 
Military officials, however, said they were not able to provide immediate fire support because the SAF had failed to provide enough information about the location of the beleaguered police commandos. 
Amid the finger pointing as to who should be blamed for the encounter, Army Artillery Regiment commander Brig. Gen. Leandro Loyao III said there should be proper coordination between his unit and the forces that need assistance. 
“Our units are not operating independently. It is the primary responsibility of the friendly government troops to inform us that they are operating somewhere or when the need immediately arises, they should be able to provide their location and the direction where they want the artillery fire dropped,” he said.
God bless our country!

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