Towards A Sensible Approach To A Peace Deal
With Filipino Islamic Tribes in Mindanao

An Open Letter to
His Excellency Barack Obama

With special attention to:

     The United States Institute of Peace
     His Excellency Philip Goldberg
     US Ambassador to the Philippines

Dear Excellency President Obama:

First of all, we are thankful to the people of the United States and its leadership that because of the effort of the United States Government, there is now renewed effort in bringing peace in Mindanao through peace initiatives.

As quoted from the Philippine Star:
A group calling itself the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) had been tasked by the US State Department to undertake a project to help expedite a peace agreement between the government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) from 2003 to 2007 and which supports the establishment of an ancestral domain for the Bangsamoro people.

In the same article, US officials bared to the media that it failed in its role as facilitator because of Malaysian demands.
USIP tried but failed to be part of the peace negotiations between GRP and MILF as Malaysia, the host of the talks, had not agreed, but the group had produced and disseminated to educators, journalists and politicians a short video on ancestral domain, tracing the history of Moro grievances and articulating how and why an agreement on ancestral domain could effectively address the roots of conflict.

After dealing with the Malaysians, knowing how they and the United Kingdom, among others, have a humongous vested interest in Mindanao and Sabah, we would like to request the United States to reassert its original place and position in the peace process.  As of the moment, British, Canadian, Australian, Malaysian and many other crooks are waiting on the wings to rape and devastate Mindanao once this new form of bogus peace agreement is signed.

The original Premise of the United States for acting as facilitator was to attack the problem through the concept of Ancestral Domain rights for the Muslim Tribes in Mindanao. This is unalterably going to fail with only the MILF being represented in the final resulting governing body of the autonomous Muslim territory.

Therefore, if we must go back to the original premise, the ancestral claims have to be respected from the point of view of all the Muslim and Non-Muslim Tribes in Mindanao.

Considering that the Maguindanaos, the dominant Tribe in the MILF are categorized over the centuries and millennia as marauders, criminals, lazy bones, thieves, con men and all other nasty, dastardly character, dealing with just the MILF must never be the sole focus of the peace initiatives.  All the Tribes therein must be respected and given their right to help govern the new autonomous territory.

The Filipino people cannot be at the mercy of Malaysia given that the people of the Philippines are already under siege by China in the West Philippine Sea.  Much livelihood has been deprived of the poor Filipino fishermen by the barricades effectively set by the navy and coast guard of china, not to mention creating an atmosphere of fear and anxiety in all the affected areas.

For its part, Malaysia has been exporting too many people like Marwan and training terrorists for export to Israel, among many other countries. The Filipino people cannot also be at the receiving end of these kind of low level barbarians from Maguindanao country, without meaning any offense to the well-mannered and cultured Maguindanaos, that will now become the rulers of the new autonomous territory and that will have a lion's share of the resources therein with the unscrupulous interest groups getting a big chunk of the loot.

We therefore appeal for the United States and its people to help us in the Philippines to resolve the problem and we urge that more aggressive actions be taken to remove Malaysia and other criminally inclined parties from the peace deal.

We look toward your partners like France, reasonable members of the Organization of Islamic Countries - OIC, among other nations with better than ill intentions to come to the fray and help ease our predicament or there will never be peace in the Philippines.

And since our people are everywhere in the world, to affect those that are now planted in other shores, will have enormous impact on even greater other peace issues. You have always known our countrymen to be patient, resilient and hardworking. Placing them in a highly disturbed state similar to what happened after the SAF PNP elements massacre in Mamasapano that your country helped put up with, will be a great burden to a great many parts of the world.

Thank you so very much for heeding our appeal for urgent and immediate assistance.

In the spirit under which the late Chairman Salamat Hashim and former Chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front Nur Misuari had undertaken the peace talks with the Filipino nation's leaders with support of the OIC, we anticipate your favorable consideration and positive action in this regard.

We are much obliged.

Very truly yours,

Quality Modernization, Change and Reforms Movement
Manila, Philippines


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